Raid Policies

Mission Statement:  The mission of Sacred Fire is to progress through all raiding content with the goal of achieving AOTC, all the while providing a fun atmosphere and drama-free environment.  Progression raiding is a team effort.  Have patience and put forth your best efforts at all times!

Raiding Expectations

Raid times:

1.    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 5:30-8:30 Server

2.    Calendar invites will be posted one to two weeks in advance.  Accepting the invite is required as it prepares us for what areas we may need to pug or strategize around.  If you have not signed up, you will sit.  Post in the "Late for Raid" forums if you will be out or late.

3.    Invites will start 10 minutes prior to raid time.  Summons will start shortly thereafter.

4.    A 5-10 minute break will happen around 7:00 Server.


1.    All raiders shall have completed Proving Grounds Silver (Gold preferred).

2.    Gear shall be of a respectable item level for the raid contentbeing progressed.

a.    Actual item level will be determined and announced prior to raiding.

3.    All appropriate gear will be enchanted/gemmed prior to raid.

4.    Raiders will bring enough of their own consumables (flasks, pots, food) for the entirety of the night.  

a.    These can be obtained from the guild bank depending on guild rank, auction house, or your crafting professions.

5.    Raiders will read up on the Icy Veins ( guide to the raid instance.  Baseline strategies will evolve around the Icy Veins guides.  

a.    Raiders will be expected to know what an ability does without significant explanations (ie. If you’re assigned to group up for an ability, you should already have a basic understanding of that ability).

6.    Understand your class.

Required software / addons:

1.    Mumble

2.    Deadly Boss Mods / Big Wigs Boss Mods

3.    Deadly Boss Mods Voicepack

4.    GTFO

5.    Other mods may be required per boss fight (to be announced prior to raid).

6.    Raiders must be able AND willing to speak promptly into Mumble.

7.    Have a strong internet connection and raid capable computer.  Blaming lag or frame rate multiple times for the same mistake is not acceptable.

During the raid:

1.    Be raid aware and raid ready.  People always hear “Don’t stand in the fire!” and yet, it always happens.  Know what to stand in, not to stand in, to interrupt, or to stun.

2.    Have a good attitude and be willing to accept directions, criticisms or changes.

3.    Strategies come from the Raid Leader and Raid Assistants.  If you have a suggestion, whisper it to one of them, and it will be discussed after the raid.  Please do not say it into mumble during the raid, as the strategy had already been determined.

4.    Negative, derogative, and demeaning behavior is not acceptable nor tolerated.  Whispering the Raid Leader or anyone that “person X sucks” is not okay either.

5.    Be “on par” with the rest of the group, whether it is healing, dpsing, or tanking.  If you are not up to par on a consistent basis, the Raid Leader will respectfully ask you to improve the problem in raid chat.  In the event that there is not improvement, you will be asked to sit for that encounter (stick around, we will bring you back for the next encounter).  This is done for the good of the team’s progression, not to make people feel bad.

a.    For consistent problems (bad DPS, bad mechanics, bad healing, etc), it should be expected that the rest of the group already knows this and can see this.  Addons such as recount, DBM, and etc. all announce or show this in game.  Asking somebody to improve in raid chat is done to have transparency rather than secrecy.

6.    Going “AFK” randomly is not acceptable.  Being lazy for trash, grabbing pizza at the door during the boss, or falling asleep at the keyboard negatively reflects to the rest of the group.

7.    Keep mumble chatter clear at the following times:

a.    During boss encounters or hard trash.

b.    During strategy review.

c.    During loot.

d.    Have fun and chat any other times!  Just don’t be obnoxious.

8.    BOE items (specifically Epics from the current tier)will be passed to the raid leader.  These may be rolled on at the end of the raid dependent on need, else they will go to the guild bank.

Raid team:

1.    Raid Leader:  In charge of putting together core strategies, mulling over logs, looking for ways to improve the team.  Recruits Raid Assistants as needed for the current raid cycle.  Decides raids and difficulties that will be attempted.  Has an all-encompassing role to better the raid team and make it successful.

2.    Raid Assistants:  Includes Raid Assistant Lead, Raid Healing Lead, and Raid Ranged Lead.  Responsibilities depend on what is assigned by the raid leader.  Raid Assistants may be responsible for making consumables, creating calendar invites, assigning roles (healing, dpsing, tanking), researching logs, filling in for the raid leader, etc.

3.    Raiders: Put forth their best effort to be successful as a team (NOT just your DPS).

4.    Recruits: New team members looking to fill a raid slot.


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