Legion Loot

Why We Chose Personal Loot.

Sacred Fire is adopting the use of Personal Loot. This decision has been made amongst the Officers of Sacred Fire with the best intentions toward progression, fun, and low-drama.

The Personal Loot system has undergone several changes since its first iteration, and now it seems like a viable raiding solution, especially to our type of group. 

How does it benefit our guild? 

1. More loot has a chance to drop than the Guild Master Loot. 

a. This is a newer change headed into Legion.

2. Loot generally is not wasted.

a. No more plate when we don’t have plate wearers.

3. Less down-time and slim management requirements.

a. No longer does the Master Looter have to sit and figure out how to distribute loot, find/use an addon, update the addon or website, sync with others, etc.

4. Balances drop rates depending on attendance.

a. Whether we have 10 raiders or 30 raiders, it will proportionally drop loot.

5. Raiders simply need to attend to have a chance for loot.

a. If you have to miss a few weeks, you still have the same chance at loot when you get back. If you are around every raid, you’ll have more chances for loot.

6. No loot drama.

a. No longer will there be an OMG situation where a dedicated raider misses out on loot to a raider that just came back.

7. No more class restrictions (loot-wise).

a. Six Demon Hunters fighting for ONE trinket?  This problem doesn’t even exist!  Welcome to the new Sacred Fire (of Demon Hunters).

8. Items of lower ILVL are tradable.

a. If a higher ILVL item drops for you, you should be equipping it since primary stats (STR, AGI, INT) always outweigh secondary stats (Crit, Haste, Mastery, Versatility). Later on in the progression, this may happen more. 

Do you enjoy running complicated loot systems, let alone having to managed them?  Neither do we!  So we are not going to do it anymore!  

Personal Loot Rules.

There are a few minor rules to address within our Personal Loot system.

1. Loot that is not needed shall be passed to the Raid Leader.  Simply open trade!  The Raid Leader will then initiate a Raid Warning asking for rolls.  If you need it, /roll 100 and WIN.

2. Loot that is not needed after the roll will be DE’d for the guild bank. This is how we supply enchants, so be a good guild-mate and ensure the useless loot gets to the Raid Leader.

3. BoEs (epics from the current raid tier) are to be passed to the Raid Leader immediately. These are seen in the raid chat and on the guild news, so pass them.  Not passing them purposely will result in not raiding with the guild.

4. BoEs will be rolled for on a NEED basis. They must be proven equipped immediately.  If the BoE is not needed, it will be guild banked and sold.  BoEs will be available for a short time to guild members at half of the current AH price.  They will be auctioned shortly thereafter for guild bank funds.

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