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Sacred Fire: Ranks Explained


Sacred Fire: Ranks Explained

Any member may become a raider, veteran or officer. Anyone interested in a rank change should contact the GM about his or her request.

Should a position such as veteran or officer be open, considerations include active membership, leadership capacity, ability to devote the required time to the guild, and the desire to make a significant contribution to the development of the guild. Specific projects or expertise are encouraged.

All Sacred Fire ranks are fluid, meaning moving up into the rank and down again is at your discretion. For example: Say you do not have time to contribute to the guild (due to any reason), you may fluidly ease back into a less involved rank. This would be an example of a good time when another member could request to be promoted.

We currently utilize the following ranks:

  1. Recruit: All recruits hold this rank for 30 days before becoming a member. No bank rights. Full discord rights.
  2. Member: Our friends in game, a community of players who respect each other and enjoy the game. Bank rights. Full Discord rights.
  3. Raider App: Fluid rank, trial period of 2 weeks before being approved as a raider. During this time these players should endeavor to learn our atmosphere and decide if the guild is a fit. No Bank Rights. Full Discord rights.
  4. Raider: Fluid rank, earned right to attend raids. Dedicated and focused on raiding. A community of players who respect each other and enjoy the game. Bank rights. Full Discord rights.
  5. Raider Elite: A raider who shows great knowledge and leadership potential with strategies and has proven class knowledge. Bank rights. Full Discord rights.
  6. Veteran: Long standing members of the guild that help with all day to day guild life needs. Generous and respectful to all players providing assistance if asked. Bank rights. Full Discord rights.
  7. Officer: Each Officer has specific duties, in addition to the continual effort of ensuring that the guild is serving its members. These specific duties should be thought of as "spheres of influence" - the responsibilities of the officer's extend beyond and between any particular projects.



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